OMMC Department of Surgery

Press Release

December 22, 2002



1st Joint OMMC Surgery and Anesthesia Graduation Ceremony


            Last December 19, 2002, the Department of Surgery and Department of Anesthesia of Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center (OMMC) held a joint graduation ceremony, a first in the history of graduation rites in OMMC.  The joint ceremony was a testimony to the Department of Surgery’s governance thrust to promote and intensify a harmonious and cooperative relationship with other professional members of the operating team for an effective and efficient delivery of quality patient surgical services.  After the graduation rite, a joint Department of Surgery, Department of Anesthesia, and Operating Room and Surgical Ward Nursing Staff Christmas Party was also held.


            Joint projects and cooperation among surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other clinical departments in OMMC have been ongoing since 2001 under the stewardship of the present chairperson of the Department of Surgery, Dr. Reynaldo Joson. Every Tuesday morning, there is a joint Surgery-Anesthesia Conference to present, review, discuss, and plan out postoperative and preoperative management of surgical patients as well as to resolve administrative issues.  Meetings with nurses have often been held to discuss problems and institute improvement measures. A joint summer outing in Anilao, Batangas, was held on April, 21, 2002 for the surgeons, anesthesiologists, and surgical nurses. The multisectoral cooperation has definitely contributed to an improved quality of surgical patient services in terms of number of patients served and operated on; reduction of unnecessary routine preoperative screening procedures; patient recovery rates; acceptable mortality and morbidity rates; decreased cancellation rates in the operating room; and number of client complaint.  Multisectoral cooperation should be a governance strategy of all departments of surgery that strive for effective and efficient delivery of surgical services in their institutions.  For details, or visit or