Profile of Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center

Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center is a non-profit tertiary, general and training hospital. It was established on January 31, 1969 by the government of the City of Manila.

The primary motivation in establishing the medical center was to provide city residents, 80% of who are classified as indigents, a better standard of medical care. It was originally planned to provide a total in-patient capacity of 300 beds and 60-90 nursery cribs. In addition, an outpatient department was included to provide medical care to ambulatory patients.

To provide comprehensive health care for the City of Manila, the hospital was organized along functional levels, namely:

1. Medical Services Division

2. Nursing Services Division

3. Administrative Services Division

The Clinical Services Division was further sub-divided into the different departments of:

a. Medicine

b. Pediatrics

c. Surgery

d. Obstetrics and Gynecology

e. Anesthesia

f. Ophthalmology

g. Otorhinolaryngology

h. Pathology

i. Radiology

j. Out-patient Department

k. Emergency Department

Along with the clinical departments the following services were included:

a. Dental Service

b. Psychiatry Service

c. Medical Social Service

d. Medical Records and Library

e. Hemodialysis